The diaglog manager is referred as the knowledge base storage of all keywords for chatbot. It is the key to provide a conversational system, where all queries will be answered.

The dialog manager will dictate what to do next based on the queries of potential customers.

Example: A customer is looking for the price of new Iphone X, she inquired on your website and your chatbot engaged. Once the keywords are entered , it will trigger signals to get the information from the dialog manager and will return back with answers.

Another similar example is the google. When we search for an information, google will access their data storage and will return back to you with all the details that you need. It’s like google is allowing you to access their massive referral system.

Then why understanding the dialog manager is really important?

All of the queries of your customers, processes and outcome will be stored in your dialog manager once you started implementing a chabot for your business.

The data coming from you and from your business will play an important role to store a successful dialog manager.

This will help your business activates conversational approach from support to marketing.

Does workflow and dialog manager is the same?

Nope, the workflow serves as a path where the queries should be routed, while dialog manager serves as a storage of all data on your business, so it could run with full automation using a chabot.

The workflow and dialog manager are the two variable that are needed to create a successful and conversational chatbot.

These two components are the perfect embodiment of a well-structured processes of a chatbot.

What are the benefits of a well-organized diaglog manager?

– seamless response and minimal escalations
– gain more accurate insights for improvement
– cost saving
– better leads acquisition
– can be transfered to other type of business

As you can see, there is a lot of benefits of having a well-organized dialog manager. It’s a great assest for businesses, especially if you believe in the power of automation. It is also giving your business a futuristic attribute and channel.