We can’t deny the fact that the technologies continue to evolve and yet there will be even more possibilities for all businesses out there to improve their marketing strategy.

Messenger marketing is one of the strategy that is creating trend today. Messenger marketing uses the AI powered technology (chatbot) that can manage everything, from inquiries and sales.

Immensely, consumers right now are more into communicating using the messenger app, connecting with their family and friends, in which behavior can be expected as the same way on how they will look and talk to businesses.

Study shows that messenger marketing is more appealing to the market, which giving a higher return of open rate and click through rate compared to email and SMS.

So, what does it mean to you and for your business?

It means “potential” and “big opportunity” for your business. Messenger marketing can be utilized for both virtual assistant and marketing.

It’s like adding someone from your team virtually without adding cost and increase your sales conversions more.

And more importantly, messaging channel, is where high traffic can be found. It became the daily needs of the market since communication is non-stop happening 24/7.

“Conversational” is one of the best benefits of messenger marketing. It can be programmed the way how we talk to ordinary people.

Just think like you’re interacting with one of your friends. Since messenger marketing can be programmed as, conversely, it can deliver and engage “on-point” answers.

You don’t need to send email or SMS anymore, you don’t need to hope that one day your open rate will increase and will convert more sales. Messenger marketing can give those answers to you.

More attention, more engagement, more sales!

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you have right now, SME’s or corporate business can maximize the advantage of messenger marketing strategy.

The only thing that matters most is when you will start implementing it?