What is A Chatbot Workflow?

A chatbot workflow is a designed command that will allow to automate your business processes within the power of artificial intelligence. 

It will serve as steps or pattern for your chatbot on what to do next based on the inquiries that will be receive from your potential customers.

One good example: Your customer asked for the price of a certain product. A chatbot workflow will be triggered and will reply providing the information needed by your customer.

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Your Benefits Of Knowing The Chatbot Workflow


Interacts Like A Human

A chatbot interaction triggers based on the keywords inserted by your customers, therefore your chatbot workflow can be personalized to copy a human responses to deliver real support and marketing to your potential customers


Easy Setup For Your Business

Applying a chatbot workflow is like knowing your destination from point A to point B. This is where your potential customers will go through.


More Visible Results

A chatbot workflow focuses on results. Implementing a clear workflow will provide a clear results for your business. It’s like telling your chatbot, know when to sell and know when to support.


Can Also Be Setup To All Types Of Business

A chatbot workflow is applicable to all types of business. It can be implement to any situation, from handling your inquiries, schedules , support or even in marketing.



Utilize and Accept Transactions

You don’t need to worry about if there is a potential customer that is willing to buy from what you offer. Even while you sleep, a chatbot workflow can be setup to handle transactions anytime and anywhere!

Let’s Keep A Chatbot Simple.

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